About Us


We train together using the MovNat method in a natural outdoor environment. We focus on the natural human movements of walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and swimming. We focus on practical movement skills that have kept our ancestors fit and healthy since the beginning of humanity. We draw on evolutionary wisdom and re-wild ourselves.

Our training is suitable for all abilities and ages, including children. Come train and have fun with us!



Training Principles of Human Naturally

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We focus on movement skills rather than endless reps. Through practicing complex movements, we train not only the body but also the mind. You can be fit but not move well, but if you move well you will definitely be fit.

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As if we don’t already spend too much time indoors. Witness the miracles that sunshine, fresh air and getting dirty does to your health and mood. While we sometimes train with man-made structures, nature is always the ultimate challenge. Unlike the gym and urban environments, nothing in nature is designed for you. It is the opposite of ergonomics. Try lifting a rock or a human compared to a barbell designed for easy grip. Try climbing a shaky tree branch instead of a sturdy horizontal pull-up bar.

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Natural human movements are the birthright of all humans, regardless of origin, gender, or age. Reclaim your birthright! Even physical tasks that are too challenging for one person can be executed cooperatively as a group.

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These movements are the only exercise that our ancestors have been doing to keep fit and healthy since the beginning of humanity. Modern science has not taught us to be healthier than our ancestors. Instead, we draw on the evolutionary wisdom behind a hundred thousand years of proven success.

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Be strong to be useful. While handstands and flips are impressive physical feats, we exercise to be helpful to ourselves and the community in times of need. It might be climbing a tree to help a trapped kitten, carrying an injured hiker to safety, holding your breath in a tsunami, or chasing and striking a robber.

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Most competitive sports focus on specialization. You practice what you are already good at to get even better. This can be a recipe for physical injuries and mental burnout. Over here, we strive to be whole and balanced, which means being competent in all human movements. If you have a big and strong upper body, are you also able to run for an hour comfortably? If you are explosive and agile, how does that translate into efficiency in the water? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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We draw inspiration from how kids move with such ease, fluidity and fun. You don’t see kids counting reps or timing themselves when they play and explore. We approach our training with playfulness and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Enjoy the training for itself so that you want to continue them into old age.

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To be and to last. For most of us, we are aiming to be able to move without pain into old age. Our body is a medium through which we enjoy the freedom of movement. We need more than exercise and movement alone to keep our body and mind well. We strive for a lifestyle of proper diet, minimal stress, and ample rest.