Coaching Team

Come learn from our team of MovNat Certified Trainers! Our coaching team is made up of individuals with diverse experience and skill sets.


Thomas - Human Naturally Coaching TeamThomas Lim | What really pulled Thomas into MovNat were the practicality, non-competitive, and outdoor aspects of it. As a young boy, Thomas dabbled in many sports but never specialized in any. During his officer course in the Singapore military, he enjoyed the obstacle course so much he was awarded Best Physical Training. He became a Physical Training Officer to train soldiers. He has experience in Total Immersion efficient swimming, lifesaving, and parkour. Thomas is an urban farmer at Edible Garden City and blogs about permaculture at Into The Ulu because it could be a solution to many of the world’s problems.


Justin - Human Naturally Coaching TeamJustin Wee | Justin is trained as a physiotherapist and furthered his post grad studies in High. Performance Science. He appreciates the value of proper programming, scaling movement skills and exercises to challenge each individual safely. Before discovering MovNat, he obtained various other training such as Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Strongman Trainer, Crossfit Endurance Trainer,  Weightlifting Level 1, certified Kettlebell Level 1. He moved to MovNat as it is the most practical system available and also because he believes that the ‘zoo humans’ of today should be ‘re-wilded’. Come train with him and get a taste of raw organic primal fitness!



Pang Hao - Human Naturally Coaching Team

Ong Pang Hao | Pang Hao is a physiotherapist and works with clients to address their pain, conditioning and movement dysfunctions. He is an avid soccer player and golfer, and like many weekend warriors, he struggles with the occasional aches and pains. He was introduced to Movnat when he joined Ana and Gordon in their classes and had since adapted the MovNat system into his own training. MovNat has significantly improved his body’s efficiency and he would love to share his Movnat experience with others. Pang Hao is also a Certified Kettlebell Coach (Level 1).



Wei Li - Human Naturally Coaching TeamLoh Wei Li | Wei Li used to run and swim regularly but eventually got bored by the monotony of it all. Suffering from the painful effects of Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) due to his bad running gait and eventually inspired by his training as a Bioengineer where he studied biomechanics, he eventually realised that proper form and technique was important in all forms of physical activity. Unable to stand the pain brought on by ITBS, Wei Li eventually found MovNat as a physical fitness methodology. In addition to MovNat’s emphasis on practicality and efficiency, he also likes the holistic aspect (movement, aquatics, combatives, diet, lifestyle). He has not looked back ever since becoming one of Gordon and Ana’s first students in Singapore. As a MovNat Certified Trainer, Wei Li dreams of being able to spread the teachings of MovNat to as many people as possible in Singapore.