MovNat is Practical

10577015_891944180820505_3281998274675237556_nIn the conventional fitness industry, the goals of exercise programs are mostly geared towards enhancing physical attributes, i.e. strength, flexibility, physical appearance (weight loss and muscle bulk) and general fitness. These are desirable traits but when they are the main objective, the exercise process is doomed to be unsustainable. Who has not had the experience of delving into some sort of exercise regimen and when the going gets tough, you sustain injuries or become disillusioned from the lack of results (or just plain boredom) and eventually quit exercising altogether. We all have at least one of these under our belt.

1610914_1048721388476116_1077321373718031215_nMovNat is an alternative, sustainable approach to movement, as it’s focus is on learning to move well. Therefore, high repetitions and high intensity type “workouts” are not the initial goal.  After learning and refining the movement skills, more complex and higher intensity drills are included to develop overall conditioning.


The Need to Move

10404242_1045291498819105_5978830151050632967_nAs modern people we lead sedentary lives, as such we need to move, and to face life’s demands we need to move well. To illustrate: imagine a situation where you are trapped in a dead end alley with an irrational, aggressive animal or person? Can you confidently say that you will be able to effectively respond? If there is a wall of reasonable height, can you climb over the wall? Or evade the threat & defend yourself, if necessary? You may be able to easily do 10 pull ups, but will that translate into climbing up a wall at a moments notice? This sort of situation is defined in MovNat as a Contextual Demand, a meeting of the the demands of the Environment with the Situation. The alley and walls are the environment, while the aggressive animal/person’s potential attack is the situation.

Another example could be a rainy day encounter with a rather wide water puddle. Here the water puddle and wet ground are the environment, the situation is the potential of getting your shoes/feet wet or having to take an inconvenient detour around the puddle, and the contextual demand is perhaps to jump over the puddle. It sounds easy, but do you have the skills to broad jump over the puddle and stick the landing on the slick surface?


Be Strong To Be Helpful

Through MovNat one will learn to maximize their physical performance to meet the demands of life. MovNat is a practical process that involves training the fundamental human specific movement skills  i.e. crawling, walking, running, climbing, balancing, etc., improving one’s mindset (ability to focus/mindfulness, situational awareness and overcoming irrational fears) and progressing overall physical conditioning, hence allowing for sustained and effective performance. For example, training a skill like climbing (scaling a wall, overhanging beam/bar or tree) will address the fear of heights and also improve physical conditioning with repeated mindful practice.  Positive changes to one’s physical attributes like improved strength, flexibility, general physique, etc, are just pleasant “organic” by-products.



* Created by Gordon Woon and Ana Woon