MovNat is short for Moving Naturally.

MovNat-LogoIt is a health & fitness discipline based on the overall practice of natural human movement skills. It was defined and popularized by Erwan Le Corre as early as 2008. You become very fit through the practice and that fitness is applicable to any area of life.

MovNat is both a physical education system and activity that places at its core the full range of real-world, species-specific movement skills essential to the natural life of the human being.

Skills emphasized in MovNat are:

  • Locomotive: walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, aquatics (swimming, etc)
  • Manipulative: lifting, carrying, throwing, catching
  • Combatives: striking, grappling


The Goal

MovNat-Human NaturallyThe primary goal of MovNat is to reset people in their original – i.e evolutionary and biological movement behavior – in order to foster, restore and/or maintain health, fitness, well-being, happiness, and even a sense of freedom.

Secondly to equip people with the movement skills and overall physical competency required for practical situations of the real-life that demand a physical response. Such competency is timeless, and the individuals who possess it are strong in a way that is useful to themselves, others and the community.

Last, MovNat is also a mindful practice emphasizing awareness, body-mind connection, as well as a connection with Nature, and the respect of it.

Who Is It For?

MovNat is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence and conditioning for any area of life.

The Founder

Natural Movement™, as a fitness concept, started with Erwan Le Corre in the forest. Before founding MovNat, Erwan spent a lifetime pursuing a true fitness. From France to Brazil, Jujitsu to Georges Hebert, he studied and synthesized ancient fitness methodologies into what is now known as Natural Movement™ Fitness.

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Here is a video of Erwan moving in nature. Many names have been given to it: paleo fitness, caveman workout, primal movement, green exercise, nature parkour. No matter what you call it, experiencing the freedom of movement in nature is our birthright. Reclaim it today!