The “Human Zoo”

11053901_1021498664531722_302842972145236324_nIf you’re reading this, you’re probably like the majority of the world’s urban population; a city dweller often found staring at a gadget of some sort while sedentary at the office, home or commuting on transportation. Your daily life mostly revolves around sitting with intermittent standing/walking and pushing buttons (on electronic devices) in a temperature controlled environment. The thought of doing anything remotely physical is daunting (e.g. walking up a few flights of stairs, running after a bus, carrying heavy objects, etc) and you often feel tired and anxious. As a result, your health is less than optimal. Welcome to the predicament of modern living, a life in the “Human Zoo”!

The term Human Zoo was coined by MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre as a metaphor to describe the parallels between the lifestyle and environment of zoo animals and modern humans. Zoo animals are observed to be lethargic, unhealthy and display unnatural behaviors because they are deprived of their natural habitats, foods and movement opportunities. Unlike indigenous people living off the land, Zoo Humans by and large live in artificial environments, are also devoid of authentic physical movements, natural food and lack vital exposure to nature, hence suffering similar fates as zoo animals. As unfortunate as this predicament may be, the good news is there is a way out, MovNat training!


MovNat trains you to move in ways that are specific to Humans, just like each animal species is unique and has it’s own specie’s specific movement. For example, lions prowl/crawl, jump, climb, fight/defend and also swim, whereas Humans crawl, walk, run, jump, balance, climb, lift (objects), carry, throw, catch, swim and perform self-defense. As species specific movement are innate, the MovNat system trains you to perform movements with more skill, efficiency and effectiveness, thereby helping you reclaim your organic Human-ness.

11741085_1097757596905828_984931057976891721_oMovNat will also help restore the graceful and flexible movements that you once possessed as a child. If you look at children playing in playgrounds, you can see how natural and fearless they are when crawling, climbing, jumping, running, brachiating, etc. With much energy and joy, they move like there is no tomorrow, completely immersed in play! Don’t you wish that you still possess this sort of exuberance and spontaneity? Well, together with proper nutrition and an active daily lifestyle, MovNat training can help rehabilitate and revitalize modern people, like yourself, reach their True Potential.


Daily Healthy Lifestyle tips:


1) Stand and walk with good posture while breathing with your “belly” (using diaphragm).

2) Walk frequently and take public transportation vs driving.

3) Stand while on public transportation and practice balancing (minimal to no hand support….but safety first).

4) When possible, use the stairs vs escalators & lifts/elevators

11246025_1066707916677463_4085739778409974134_o5) Vary between sitting and standing while working in the office (but stand more often)

6) Frequent exposure to the natural environment (parks, beaches, nature reserve, sunlight, etc).

7) Early to bed and sufficient sleep (in deep sleep by 10pm nightly).

8) Eat natural whole foods to optimize nutrition and minimize toxins exposure.

9) Drink water

10) Authentic movement skills training i.e. MovNat.


*Created by Gordon Woon and Ana Woon