Our workshops are meant to equip you with basic competency of a particular skill set upon completing all parts.

A 1-Day Natural Human Movement Workshop will be held 18 March 2017. Register here.

Fundamentals (2 Parts, 8 Hours Total)

Come learn the fundamental skills of Human Movement. In the workshop, you will

1) Learn the primal approach to training natural human movement skills for physical competence, efficiency and practical performance.

2) Understand primal movement efficiency principles and to apply them to any technique or drill.

3) Train the fundamental movement techniques and countless movement variations in walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.

4) Apply these techniques and key principles during movement skills combination and obstacle courses, designed according to your individual abilities and limitations.

5) Be coached on how to program and implement your own training through technical training, Skills Combination, and Opportunistic Training in nature, indoors, or in a city.

6) Understand how to address issues in diet, lifestyle and training regimen that will improve your overall movement capacity.

Part 1 (outdoor)

  1. Human Naturally CrawlingCrawling and Rolling
  2. Posture and Breathing
  3. Balancing
  4. Catching and Throwing
  5. Lifting and Carrying
  6. Climbing
  7. Skills Combination
  8. Diet and Lifestyle Discussion

Part 2 (outdoor)

  1. Human Naturally ClimbingEfficient Running
  2. Vaulting
  3. Jumping
  4. Climbing
  5. Lifting and Carrying
  6. Skills Combination
  7. Self Training Discussion


Human Naturally Efficient SwimmingAquatics (3 Parts, 4.5 Hours Total)

Part 1: Efficient Swimming

Water can be a friend but also an enemy. Get introduced to efficient swimming techniques like Total Immersion and other swim strokes suited for different situations. Suitable for beginner swimmers and swimmers that want to improve their technique.

Human Naturally Aquatics WorkshopPart 2: Water Survival and Lifesaving

75% of the earth is covered with water. Learn an essential survival skill in a fun and enjoyable way. Be helpful to the community by knowing some basic water rescue techniques. Suitable for beginner to advanced swimmers.

Part 3: Free Diving (Breath-Hold Diving)

Human Naturally Free DivingFree diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers’ ability to hold their breath until resurfacing. It is commonly perceived as an extreme and dangerous sport. Come learn to do it safely and effectively with us. Students should be comfortable in water.


Human Naturally Obstacle Course TrainingObstacle Course Training (3 Parts, 4.5 Hours Total)

Calling all Spartans, vipers, commando challengers! Do you want to better your race times? How about wanting to be more efficient in your obstacles? Wait no further. In this 3 part obstacle race training series, you would be taught movement skills that will make you a better, faster, less injury-prone participant. Some skills covered include traversing, vaulting, balancing and climbing.


Human Naturally Combatives WorkshopCombatives

Coming soon!